What's happening in the Yorkshire property market?

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Our fourth and final regional property market insight, courtesy of our in-house valuation team, comes from our Yorkshire valuer Andrew Demain.

With a background of working for leading housebuilders across the UK, Andrew now heads up Property Perspective’s valuations throughout the Yorkshire region and says that the market is currently providing great conditions for sellers to thrive.

“We are receiving really positive offers on homes and because there are fewer houses on the market in general but still a lot of buyers, they are selling quickly,” says Andrew, “It’s a great time to sell.”

Traditionally fashionable areas to live, such as the golden triangle of North Leeds, Harrogate and York, have performed better than other areas. Good amenities have contributed to making these areas more desirable, especially after going through a lockdown has made buyers realise what they need within easy reach, i.e. access to essentials. 

Across Yorkshire, Andrew is seeing lots of buyers whose budgets are £400,000 and below, which is perfect for our housebuilder clients’ customers who may be selling their first homes to move into something more suitable. 

“Those moves tend to free up homes suitable for first time buyer budgets,” Andrew explains. 

He goes on to say: “Covid resulted in a lot of pent-up demand, many people who couldn’t move earlier this year now want to progress, as they realise their homes are no longer suitable for them space wise. It’s not all plain sailing though. Challenges for buyers include cautious mortgage valuations from lenders and stricter requirements for mortgages. The concern over future job security is one of the biggest impacts on this, I think. 

"I would advise buyers to speak to a mortgage broker who can offer advice on what will suit them best by both eligibility and the best deal for them from an array of lenders.”

Property Perspective has adapted the valuation side of its business to ensure the team and customers are as safe as possible when valuations are carried out. This is just one of the benefits that comes with having our own in-house valuers, which drastically reduces the number of people entering customers’ homes.

Andrew explains: “We can give our clients peace of mind that regardless of the current situation our valuations are still returned within the same guaranteed time frame, which give us a competitive edge. And of course, we want to make their buyers feel as comfortable as possible throughout the whole journey into a new home.”

Housebuilders interested in knowing more about how Property Perspective can help to sell their customers’ homes through Part Exchange or Assisted Move can speak to our team today on 0161 929 3740 or email enquiries@thepropertyperspective.co.uk  

Home buyers interested in the wide range of second-hand properties we’re currently selling can search via our website: www.thepropertyperspective.co.uk 


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