What 'For housebuilders, by housebuilders' really means... by Property Perspective’s managing director John Jarvis

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I set up Property Perspective in 2008– some say “crazily” as the house market was experiencing a major crash – to offer specialist sales and management services to developers and housebuilders.

My 26 years’ experience in sales and management positions for national housebuilders gave me the confidence that I could bring some real insight and value to their operations. Twelve years later we’ve grown to legally complete 650 homes per annum and employ 22 people.  

How I saw things

When I was sitting on the other side of the desk, the main things that had concerned me when using Part Exchange and Agency Assist companies was no longer having control over the assisted sale enquiries, the lack of consistency over how those enquiries were being dealt with and also the way customers were treated during the valuation process.  

Having a valuer visit them who knows nothing of the process and the individual housebuilder’s scheme, unable to talk them through the next steps was unacceptable to me; having a single point of contact was also very important.

These were key factors that helped shape the Property Perspective business model.

Understanding what’s required 

Our strapline ‘For housebuilders, by housebuilders’ signifies that we understand things from the client’s perspective. 

As well as my own background we have other team members with direct housebuilder experience and people who’ve serviced the housebuilding sector or worked alongside them for many years. Any new recruits are trained to understand the industry and, particularly, the highly targeted environment which dictates the level of service that a housebuilder expects.

We appreciate the need for consistency throughout the marketing and conveyancing process; from the point when a customer makes the decision to use Part Exchange or Assisted Sale to move from their current property to a brand new home, to the day they legally complete.

We are able to ask the right questions and give the correct information to both sellers and buyers from the start. We understand the build process, the exchange of contract requirements and how a housebuilding company functions day to day. We have a much greater understanding of the process throughout and don’t just look at things from a sales perspective.

Equally, we understand the pressures of working within the industry and the speed that things need to be carried out and the importance of getting commitment at the earliest opportunity. 

Keeping both customer and client satisfied

We want to ensure customers have positive moving experiences and recognise that how we conduct our operations reflects on the housebuilder’s reputation. We are very customer focused and are honest and transparent with the information we share with customers; but, at the same time, we have our housebuilder clients’ best interests at heart.

Our in-house valuers have adapted their way of working to ensure safe, social distancing and, whilst they still need to visit the property a customer is selling, they do as much as they can over the phone beforehand to limit time spent inside.  They have extensive experience and spend a lot of time researching property prices and market conditions in their area.  Alongside this they know our housebuilder clients’ schemes and how they operate, so they can work consistently in line with client expectations. 

Once the valuation is complete and the appraisal has been accepted, our account management team takes over. From this point, the housebuilder client and their customer will have a single point of contact, which I consider to be very important.  

Keeping track 

We’ve also introduced a new digital dashboard which allows our clients to see at a glance how their schemes are working. Key insights include the number of valuations carried out, instructions to market, reservations, exchanges and legal completions. The dashboard includes conversion rates and comparison data too, and can be viewed by month, quarter or year. It’s something I really wish I’d had at my fingertips when I was a new homes sales director.   

Selling in a post Covid world

The current market is extremely busy with plenty of people looking to move and lots of interest in every property we bring to market. However this brings new challenges; we have to ensure that we run with the right buyer, not just the first one that offers. 

Having multiple agents selling a property does not always work in favour of the seller or the housebuilder. Marketing the property directly with the involvement of one of our agents enables us to retain control and make sure we have the right offer accepted, ie. having chain checked and spoken to the potential buyer directly. We don’t rely on third party agents to do this work.

What else can we do?

We don’t just offer Part Exchange and Agency Assist.  Often we support our housebuilder clients through the land acquisition process too. We can undertake a full market appraisal, including a review of any competing sites, to assist in land purchase decisions.

We can also act as the ‘in-house’ sales team for a full development or to manage tail-end properties as a development nears completion, freeing up a housebuilder’s own staff to work on new projects. 

Find out more

For a housebuilder to housebuilder conversation, speak to our team today on 0161 929 3740 or email enquiries@thepropertyperspective.co.uk 


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