Understanding Agency Assist and how to sell it to customers

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Most builders of new homes offer an Agency Assist scheme of some description – a service aimed at customers who need to sell a current property before they can buy brand new.

The housebuilder’s on-site sales consultant is likely to be the first point of contact for these customers and so it’s important then that the consultant is fully up to scratch on the benefits of Agency Assist to both sides, which include:

  • Customers generally get to sell their existing home more quickly, with less hassle and for a price that is at or close to market value.
  • Housebuilders get to be in the driving seat, overseeing the transaction, knowing that everything possible is being done to secure a sale on the customer’s existing property and thereby securing a sale for themselves.


But what if the sales consultant isn’t familiar with or confident ‘selling’ the Agency Assist concept?

That’s an area where we can help. We offer our housebuilder clients regular training and refresher sessions for their sales teams across the country so they can be fully equipped to sell such schemes with confidence.

The importance of regular refresher sessions can never be underestimated, especially as market conditions change and people’s priorities alter.  At Property Perspective, we know that Agency Assist works best when sales teams understand all the benefits for customers – and, crucially, how to convey them.

Training can be provided via one-to-one sessions on site with individual sales consultants or we can hold larger group sessions so full teams can be armed with the most up to date information.  All of our sessions can be run virtually too if having sales teams away from site isn’t feasible.

Got a new starter? We can schedule in time with them so they can learn all they need to know about Property Perspective and the ins and outs of how to promote Agency Assist to their future customers. 

Aside from these more formal sessions, we regularly conduct site visits to maintain relationships with sales teams and to make sure they are stocked up with our marketing material so they can pass this on to customers. 

It’s just one more example of our ethos to be more than just a business partner to our housebuilder clients; we become an extension of their sales team with the shared goal of getting customers moving.

Other ways we support sales teams is through information sharing and regular email updates. We also run competitions and incentives to strengthen bonds between our team and development-based sales advisers. 

For more information about the sales team support and other services we offer, call 0845 6800 262 or visit: www.thepropertyperspective.co.uk 


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