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Last year the housing market saw a major impact from Covid. The market truly thrived when new waves of buyers reassessed their options and decided what they really needed was homes with more space - inside and outside.

Houses were selling, on average, much faster than usual and, as a knock-on effect, housebuilders saw more customers who were already in a position to buy.  In short, demand outstripped supply.

This was great news for housebuilders. However, the market is now experiencing the flipside of last year’s sudden, unprecedented demand, with many housebuilders now forward sold well into this year. 

This means it’s not so easy for them to find buyers who are in a position to proceed, largely because existing homeowners may be reluctant to put their own properties on the market for a new-build that won’t be ready for many months. 

Property Perspective can offer housebuilders and developers assistance in overcoming these challenges by utilising our skills and experience to create a pipeline of sales which ensures transactions are coordinated, consistent and carefully planned.    

Completion dates well into the future mean the expectations of both vendor and buyer will need to be managed closely. We have years of experience in doing exactly this and are already working with housebuilders’ customers up and down the country to manage just this type of situation. 

We have solid, long-standing relationships with solicitors and independent financial advisers who also understand how to deal with lengthy completion dates, so vendors – and their buyers - are fully guided through the process.

Any homeowners looking to move can take encouragement from the fact that despite fewer homes coming onto the market, when they do the demand is usually very high. This means houses are coming under offer very quickly. It really is a market where sellers thrive and anyone thinking of buying a new home that suits their needs better really shouldn’t hold off a move for fear they won’t be able to sell. Instead they should look to sell now and let us ensure the smooth running of the process over whatever period of time is needed before their new home will be ready.  

It’s potentially a win-win for everyone. The customer gets the new-build they want and a well-managed timetable to complete their move. And our housebuilder clients get a steady pipeline of sales with proceedable buyers in two, three, four months’ time – or whenever they need them most. 

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