Sorting a buyer for your customers' homes is as easy as A2B

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Buying and selling properties is our strength and we offer several solutions for housebuilders whose customers have existing properties to sell, among them is Access2Buy.

Access2Buy is where we act as a cash buyer for a customer’s existing property meaning they can proceed chain-free and with no additional fees or charges to pay. 

It’s a service which complements our Agency Assist and Part Exchange offerings and provides housebuilders with a full range of flexible solutions. 

If speed is of the essence and both housebuilder and customer need a guaranteed, quick sale then Access2Buy could be the answer. We’ll usually make an offer within five working days of appraising the property and complete within 28 days of an offer being accepted.

For smaller housebuilders, Access2Buy is a great, risk-free way of offering Part Exchange.

Key benefits include:

  • There are no additional fees for the customer or the housebuilder/ developer
  • The customer is in the best position to proceed with purchasing a new build as they are chain-free
  • It’s quick – we’ll legally complete within 28 days
  • We consider properties that may not meet the usual Agency Assist/ Part Exchange criteria, such as flats or properties in need of some modernisation.

Our offer will be below market value – but we’re upfront and honest about that from the start. What the customer gets in return is a guaranteed, fast sale and the ability to move quickly and secure the property they want. It works well for customers who are perhaps downsizing or moving to a new house for convenience, where making a profit from the property is less important. 

For customers who want or need to achieve full market value for the home they are selling, our Agency Assist scheme remains the best way forward. Using this, housebuilders instruct us to value, market and take overall responsibility for selling their customers’ existing properties. We’ll look to achieve full market value, but the customer will incur selling fees - although often the housebuilder will contribute. 

To find out more about any of the schemes we offer, visit or call 0845 6800 262.

Property Perspective offer seven days a week service, speedy valuations, and expert advice, all backed by relevant housebuilder and property industry experience. 

For Access2Buy terms and conditions click here


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