Find out how our digital dashboard shows you how your assisted move scheme is working

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Here at Property Perspective we are constantly thinking of ways we can keep our clients up to date on the progress we are making with their customers’ assisted move sales.

Our brand new insights dashboard is engaging, easy to follow, can be accessed at any time and shows a range of key performance indicators from the preceding month.

Managing director of Property Perspective John Jarvis explains: “We understand exactly what our clients want as many of us have previously worked for housebuilders ourselves. Because of this, we see things from their point of view and this new dashboard tool shows exactly what we would want to know if we were still in their shoes.”

Key insights include:

• The number of valuations our in-house valuers have carried out on their behalf

• How many of these homes have then been instructed to market

• Total number of sales agreed, exchanges and completions

• Average time to agree a sale, plus time from sale to exchange of contracts

The dashboard highlights very clearly the valuation to instruction conversion rate, showing as a percentage how many of the properties we’ve valued have been brought to market. It also shows the sale agreed conversion rate, i.e.. what percentage of properties brought to market we’ve sold.   

“If these two percentages are healthy you can rest assured your scheme will be running well,” John adds. 

“Clients can view their data by month, by quarter or for a whole year.  And not only can they view results across their company or region – they can also break it down separately site by site to really nail down on performance.”

Benefits to clients include:

• Transparency and accountability 

• Ability to examine performance trends at specific sites 

• Helps us – and you – identify those sites that might benefit from more assisted sale applications

to improve sales 

What our clients say:

Barratt Cambridge – “The dashboard tool is brilliant for generally keeping track of everything and, more importantly, you really get a feel of what each site is processing. It also helps our sales team to see which specific sites need to push assisted move schemes more than others and is the perfect tool for creating league tables and making comparisons.” 

If you already work with us, we will be changing over to the dashboard in the coming weeks and for anyone who is thinking of working with us, please visit or call 0845 6800 262 for more information.


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