Account manager Anthony Kelly lifts the lid on making house sales a smooth move

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We catch up with account manager Anthony Kelly to talk about his role and how the industry has changed over the last year.

Anthony, 32 from Liverpool, joined Property Perspective in 2018 and was previously a regional account manager in the construction industry, with many of his clients being subcontractors to national housebuilders. This provided him with a useful insight into the property industry.

Can you briefly explain your role at Property Perspective?

As an account manager, I am the key liaison point for everyone involved in a property transaction that is my responsibility. So, I will be in regular touch with the person selling the property, potential buyers and the actual purchasers, other professionals involved in the process and, of course, the housebuilder or developer client who has appointed us to act on their behalf for one of their customers.  I’m heavily involved throughout the whole house sale process - from marketing the home to progressing the sale and achieving a successful legal completion. 

What does your role involve?

It’s all about making the process as smooth as possible for everyone and keeping within our timeframe of exchanging contracts within six weeks wherever we can. To achieve this I’m in regular contact with solicitors, mortgage brokers and other estate agents acting for properties further down the chain. I also submit regular, detailed weekly reports to our developer clients to keep them informed about our marketing activity and sales progression updates. 

What’s the last year been like for you?

There have certainly been plenty of challenges during the last 12 months. Working through the pandemic has been eye-opening, but at times quite uplifting and moving, as we’ve been able to help vendors and their buyers to complete on their new, dream homes during what was quite often a gloomy and difficult period for many.  Being able to deliver a positive outcome for them was a real plus.

On a personal level it’s also been a year of change too. My wife Jess and I are getting ready to welcome our first child in June so we’ve been busy making plans and getting things ready.

What changes have you had to adapt to while working through Covid? Has your role changed in any way? 

Good communication has been crucial.  It’s key to a smooth house sale and, during the initial lockdown, every buyer and seller was seeking immediate reassurances about the way forward with their sale/purchase. 

We had to provide a lot of guidance, industry information and support during a situation that was changing every day. We also had to adjust our advice on things like viewings and key handovers during a time of social distancing and national lockdowns. At Property Perspective we were quick to adapt and introduce new protocols so we could continue to provide our services to housebuilders and their customers. 

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I like how varied it is. That saying ‘no two days are the same’ rings true. Every transaction teaches you something useful about the industry that you can put into practice going forward. Progressing through a sale with clients also gives you that ‘feel good’ factor too.

Do you have any tips for homeowners looking at moving home in the coming months? 

Absolutely. People have had a lot of time during lockdown to think about their next steps and we’ve found that they are still every bit as enthusiastic about finding their dream home. In terms of tips, it can never hurt to be proactive. Whether you are buying or selling, ultimately, your agent/broker/solicitor is there to help you so make sure you tap into their expertise. 

If there are things you know may cause a delay or a query in the transaction, don’t be afraid to nip it in the bud nice and early so everyone can work to resolve any issues before they cause delays in completing.

Want to know more?

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