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Alex May’s role at Property Perspective is multi-faceted but one thing that’s consistent is his eagerness to ensure the business delivers the service it sets out to achieve for housebuilder clients.

Alex, 29, who is originally from Ashby De La Zouch in the Midlands but now calls Chorlton in Manchester home, is relationship manager at Property Perspective.

In short, he’s tasked with making sure all clients are happy and that the team at Property Perspective is delivering.

Tell us more about your role at Property Perspective…

I connect with our clients at all levels on a regular basis, from sales directors to sales consultants. Once we start working with a housebuilder or developer, they are assigned their own dedicated account manager who takes care of the Agency Assist and Part Exchange side of things on a day to day basis. I’m there in a wider role to make sure they are happy with the overall work we’re doing for them. 

As part of that I meet with all our clients regularly, promote our services directly, and organise and run training sessions to make sure all of our clients fully understand exactly how we work and the best way to promote their Agency Assist service to customers.

I also work closely with our managing director, John Jarvis, to promote our brand through marketing and PR, as well as bringing in new clients. 

How have you found the last year and working through a Pandemic? 

The last year has been challenging at times, especially the uncertainty about how the pandemic would pan out and affect us as a business. On the whole, the housing market has been well supported through this time, thanks in part to measures like the Stamp Duty Holiday and Help to Buy, which have encouraged people to keep moving house on their agenda.  

For many consumers the ability to save money has increased throughout the pandemic, meaning more people are now in the position to buy a new home. This has led to an environment where demand is currently outstripping supply, creating a very busy market that favours the seller. On average we’re now booking 15 viewings per property and receiving numerous offers, compared with two or three in more ‘normal’ circumstances. 

What changes have you had to adapt to while working through Covid? 

The biggest change for me personally is the fact that we’ve been unable to visit anyone face to face for a very long time now. In the absence of a physical presence with our clients it’s been really important for us to adapt and have the best ‘non-physical presence’ we can. 

We’ve had to change the way we feed information to our clients to make sure they know we have been operating as normal during the pandemic; we can still help them with their Agency Assist schemes and so they can still sell our services with confidence to their customers.

One thing that hasn’t changed is my talent of accumulating gym memberships and never going…I think I’ve now solved this problem by buying an exercise bike that I’m definitely going to use! 

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

As cheesy as it sounds, I love it when the company receives a good review from our clients, either about the service we are offering overall or in respect of how the account manager is handling their business. At Property Perspective we are only as strong as our team; luckily we’ve created a good one and I can rest slightly easier knowing we are delivering on our promises to our clients.

Do you have any tips for homeowners looking at moving home in the coming months? 

I think it’s in people’s nature to be sceptical of an estate agent saying ‘it’s a great time to sell’… but it genuinely is. The market hasn’t favoured sellers this much since the early to mid-2000s. The lack of supply of houses coming to the market and the growing demand out there means interest levels are high and in a lot of cases we are receiving above asking price offers. I think this will continue until the end of the year.

I’m actually planning to buy my first home next year with my partner but I’m hoping demand may have dipped slightly by then as I’m not looking forward to getting into a bidding war!

Want to know more?

To speak to Alex about how Property Perspective can work with you on Part Exchange and Agency Assist schemes email: Alex.May@thepropertyperspective.co.uk or call 0845 6800 262 for more information.




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